Open mind projects

They make packaging a marketing tool

In recent years, marketing and advertising through press, television, radio and the internet have to deal both with the problem of saturation and of proliferation of messages, and with the challenge of offering something different so that the message reaches the consumer faster and more effectively.

In this effort, they are seeking new ways to build a broader relationship and wider communication between consumer and product that goes beyond simple use or mere consumption.

This creates the need for every company’s marketing department to approach the consumer in a different manner, and to invest in a relationship with him so that he spends more time on the product and is more involved with it.

In this context, making use of all the possibilities offered by its advanced technology and the experience of its associates, Forlabels has created Open Mind Projects. It’s a new way of thinking about cooperation whose purpose in to keep you updated on the choices that will make the packaging of your product more alluring and a pioneering communication tool.

At Forlabels you will find partners with open minds and open horizons ready to work with you and with your advertising agency suggesting new solutions and applications allowing you to create something special that will boost your products. This will enable them to acquire a more lively and meaningful relationship with their clients on a daily basis that will go beyond the classic company-consumer relationship.

Making use of Forlabels’ Open Mind Projects and Applications, you can design actions that:

  • make the product stand out amongst competition;
  • have the potential to make the consumer feel the product as his own, “dressing” the artwork with his personal drawings or photographs, to associate it with special moments in his life;
  • can make the product a collectible item, dedicated to its consumer or to an important event; extend the product life-cycle by suggesting, for example, a new use for its container after consumption, thus contributing to resource economy and recycling;
  • approaching promotion in original ways, they sharply increase sales and help build a special relationship between consumer and product.