“Terra Creta Biologisch”, extra virgin olive oil

Terra Creta S.A.

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Craft paper

Metrographics Aristeidis Papadakis

open mind project
Roll-on self-adhesive label with bronze hot foil stamping and embossing on a “difficult” surface of “rough” paper

the need
In Kolymvari, Crete, Terra Creta S.A. produces, an unprocessed extra virgin olive oil, pure, the totally natural juice of olives, using the cultivation and harvesting methods that have remain unchanged through time transmitted from generation to the next. So, a way had to be found to portray the values that flow from such an oil, i.e. simplicity, purity, authenticity, on the packaging giving to the consumer adequate information and the proper feel. Following discussions between Forlabels and the graphic designer working with Terra Creta, it was decided to print on craft paper, which conveys exactly the same feel, of something unprocessed, unpretentious. Once again, Forlabels’s ability to ensure excellent quality printing even on the most “difficult” surfaces, allowed the designer of the label and its customer to use the paper surface they believed to be the most suitable for the packaging of the product.

the outcome
The product succeeded in showcasing its values and in gaining loyal friends among those who are looking for authentic, pure products of the Greek land. In a very short time, this led to the product improving and strengthening its market position and attracting very selective, yet regular, consumers.