Self-adhesive label


F/Μ Project
Special printing

Yonas Design

FORLABELS has created a series of “Boost your Brand” solutions, specially designed to promote premium food and beverage products, based on the rationale that extraordinary Greek products also need a great image!
These solutions involve special treatment methods that give value to Greek food products.
The challenge for FORLABELS was to inspire its customers to adopt this way of thinking and to show them in a hands-on way what they can achieve by choosing one of these solutions. Thus, among other things, it created a promotional oil container with a “wooden” label. This is an innovative proposal involving printing on material that has the texture and feel of wood, and differentiates the product from competition placing it in a distinct high category.
This product was presented to company customers in corporate presentations and to visitors in exhibitions in which FORLABELS took part.

the outcome
Upon seeing the packaging, customers showed great interest, and were convinced that, same as all the “Boost your Brand” by FORLABELS solutions and philosophy, this option too can help premium products stand out and showcase their high quality and value.
A considerable part of the collaboration between FORLABELS and its customers involves such solutions, and as the company itself is promoting its distinct identity, its customers too are gaining great advantage from innovative solutions and services.