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Marios Karystios


The “Vani Panagias” winery is a family unit that cultivates and deals with the native varieties of Cyprus wine, which grow in the unique ecosystem of the Panagia Mountain.

In this project, the VouniPanagias winery shares its experiments with the native varieties of Xynisteri, Promara, Spurtiko, Morokanella, Local Black and Tsaousis, through a series of selected small-vinification varieties. The aim of the family is the in-depth understanding of the potential of indigenous varieties of the island through the observation of their behavior in different wine-growing and oenological practices.

Each wine represents a specific theme. The seven themes – labels include shots from people and the natural environment surrounding the winery, as moments and memories of the family and explained on the back labels.

Marios Karystos involved artists and friends, Andria Allabriti, Andreas Boukas, Dimitris Klonos, Alexandra Manousaki, Manolis Moumalides and Giorgos Tzavaras, who portrayed these stories in their unique style.

Due to the small amount of wine and the high requirements for a perfect presentation of this idea, the designer and the winery chose Forlabels to print their labels on Velmart White paper.

Design / Concept Marios Karystos
Texts by Yannis and Pavlos Kyriakides
Photo by Nikos Koustenis

The whole range of winemaking wines has acquired a very attractive, uniform, interesting and recognizable image on the shelf that reflects the values ​​and diversity of the winery.