FORLABELS offers solutions adapted to the needs of the pharmaceuticals industry. In a sector as sensitive as health, evidently our own sensitivity is also high. We study the containers in relation to the selection of materials, and we work closely with each company’s production department to ensure optimal operation in labelling equipment (labellers) that allow high application speeds.

To better serve our customers, a special department checks the graphics before and during printing and a quality control department performs laboratory measurements.

Printing for pharmaceutical products




Durable paper (PE, PP, PET). Special papers | Thermal | Permanent, removable, resealable adhesives

Printing materials

For self-adhesive labels
Face material: PP, PE papers, Wine papers, Clear on Clear | Adhesives: Permanent, removable, resealable, fridge & freezer proof adhesives | Backing material: silicone, KRAFT, PET, PP | Shrink sleeve labels): P.V.C., PET | Flexible packaging
Single layer: PP, HDPE, PET, paper
Three-layer: Paper/ALU/PE, PET/ALU/PE, PET/metPP/PE, PET/PET/PE
Four-layer: ΡΕΤ/paper/ALU/PE, PET/ PET/ALU/PE

Special printing

Gold printing (hot or cold) | Embossing | 3D Embossing | Holo texture | Silk-screen | Spot varnish (gloss – mat) | Expanded ink printing | Braille printing | Printing on adhesive side or on silicone paper | Metallic colour effects which give to the label a metallic sheen coloured in any hue, and an impression of depth to the background | Plasticizing | Scratch off printing

Special services – Digital

Numbering of packages | Variable data printing | Personalised printing that creates a personal relationship with the consumer | Security printing with special inks, when required | Small print runs for sampling and participation in exhibitions | Innumerable versions of the artwork on the packaging | Flexibility in delivery times.