“Egomio Laconias”, extra virgin olive oil

Charis Gamvrinos, S.A.

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

PP Raflat / PP Silver TC 50 RP 37

George Theodorou

open mind project
Metallic colour effect

the need
Charis Gamvrinos, S.A. driven by a desire to offer premium products, and choosing the best olive oils that the ideal microclimate of the Laconian land helps produce, created the “Egomio Laconias” extra virgin olive oil. Wishing to create a packaging that corresponded to the distinct quality of the product, it contacted Forlabels for a solution that would completely revamp the image of the packaging the company had used up to that time; it involved a four-sided offset label printed on a white sticker. Looking into the needs of the product, and taking into consideration the open mind attitude of the company’s people, who were willing to open new horizons for their product, Forlabels proposed the use of the colour metallic effect approach. The aim was to showcase the strong points of the product, and of the artwork involved in the design of the label.

the outcome
The product’s appearance became more attractive, it draws the eye of the consumer on the shelf, and it speaks of its identity and its quality to the consumer much more persuasively than in the past. Of course, sales have gone up considerably, and so has its positioning on the shelf, and the most important thing is that it keeps winning over foreign consumers, making his export product footprint more pronounced.