“Anagennisiako” wine labels


Self-adhesive label

velmart premium

F/Μ Project

Antonia Skaraki

the need
FORLABELS wishing to promote the innovative MOSAIC printing method, which can bring unique visuals to life, used it to print a series of wine labels based on just one work of art.
It is a renaissance painting that truly adorns the wine label.
Using MOSAIC printing, and focusing on part of the painting on each bottle, FORLABELS managed to create one-of-a-kind labels, as each part of the painting is magnified and turns into a separate visual composition, which however echoes the original one.
Same as the artist emphasizes details to make his work unique, so has the designer deconstructed the painting and used its parts to give life to multiple works of art.

the outcome
The company’s clients were given the opportunity to get to know the impressive results the MOSAIC method has to offer, which allow the consumer to hold something truly unique in his hands; a new packaging, unlike any other, which keeps reviving interest in the product.
At the same time, FORLABELS promoted the FacePack philosophy, part of which is the MOSAIC method, that makes packaging a meeting place between producer and consumer.