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M. Psimitis S.A.

Shrink Sleeve

pet film

F/Μ Project
Variable data

Yonas Design

the need
M. Psimitis S.A, aiming to promote an innovative product in the field of gastronomy, created gogreeck, a series of miniature ouzo bottles.
The company wanted to make Greek culture more widely known through a range of products with references to Greek tradition, and to achieve quick placement in a wide network of stores.
The series was designed by Yonas design, putting into good use the creative collaboration it has developed with FORLABELS over the years, and the technical capabilities the company offers.
Thus, twelve different labels, corresponding to the twelve Gods of Olympus, were created, with shrink sleeves dressing miniature ouzo-bottles.
A similar series of miniature-ouzo bottles dressed in traditional costumes from all over Greece was also printed.

the outcome
The product surprised with its originality and impressive image, achieved immediate market penetration and quickly established itself. The packaging series has won several important prizes in Greek and international packaging competitions, as well as praise for its contribution to the promotion of Greek culture, resulting in the product getting even greater publicity.

The success of the existing range has laid the foundations for expansion into other Greek gastronomy products.
FORLABELS in turn has reaffirmed its philosophy of how it can inspire and contribute to the realization of packaging that can help set products apart from competition.