Snuts salad mate

2S Foods

Flexible material

Opp Met 20μm / PP Coex transparent 20μm 285

Yonas Design

open mind project
Small print run and demo

the need
2S Foods decided to launch a pioneering product – in fact it was a range of products with mixed nuts for salads. It was an innovative idea as nuts would add taste and energy to salads which are the basis of healthy nutrition. Forlabels loved the idea from the very first moment. It resonates with the open mind philosophy of Forlabels. So, when the need for sampling came, it covered it right away producing small quantities of flexible packaging (bags) allowing 2S Foods to create samples that really contained the actual product.

the outcome
Sampling to retail chain buyers proved a great success, as 2S Foods was given the opportunity to show them a real product, and it managed to achieve a significant placement at sales outlets. Today, and in a very short period of time, the ‘Snuts salad mate’ nuts for salads is out in the market, and it is moving ahead full speed.