Formore 3 or 5 peel off label – booklet

Folding label with three or five pages that allow more space to display information for the consumer, e.g. recipes, instructions, photos of the final product, quality policy, nutritional facts, ingredients, weight, best-by date, calorie content, product range, different languages, trade contests, promotional offers, etc.

With the Formore booklet by Forlabels, your product can write the story of its life … a whole book on it!

When there is not enough space available on a packaging to provide room for all you would like to say, or the law requires that you say, the solution is the Formore booklet by FORLABELS.

The Formore booklet by FORLABELS is a multi-panel label with three, five or more pages that allows you to display a greater amount of detail in cases where extended information for the consumer is required and the space needed would not otherwise be available.

So, your product can now write the story of its life … a whole book on it!  The label provides the possibility to include photographs, text in more than one languages, instructions, recipes, conservation information, tables with calories and other nutrition facts, trade contests, promotional offers, barcodes, etc.

It is the ideal solution for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, chemicals, agro-chemicals, paints, lubricants, cleaning products, etc.

It is also the ideal solution for promotional activities requiring the display of variable data (images, numbers, barcodes, QRcodes, scratch off, etc.)

With the Formore booklet by FORLABELS, your product expands its scope, becomes more competitive, and… has more to say to the consumer.