Mosaic for candy jars

Forlabels S.A.

Shrink sleeve label for candy jars

F/Μ Project:
Mosaic for candy jars

Yonas Design, George Yonas

the need
FORLABELS with a view to promoting the Mosaic label printing method created a series of shrink sleeve labels for candy jars, which it offers to its associates as a promotional gift.

To this end, it worked together with Yonas Design, which designed a series of labels as variations of a pop art visual theme. The purpose was to demonstrate how the possibilities opened by the MOSAIC method can be applied to create attractive, and above all unique packaging.

Using the MOSAIC method, we can while focusing on a specific part of the label’s artwork create distinctive one-of-a-kind labels for each container, obtaining impressive results, as each piece turns into a new visual composition, which however does resound the original one.

So, the product on the shelf now gets a digital and real face. Its relationship with the consumer becomes a life experience. The consumer selecting it finds on the label himself, his own uniqueness, his character, and meets up with the value and the distinctiveness of people seen on the product.

The outcome

FORLABELS managed to show that the MOSAIC printing method can help differentiate a packaging, and make it especially attractive, unique and collectible for each consumer.

It also demonstrated the possibilities of this method, and the way graphic designers can use it to benefit their clients.