Candies, ouzo, for promotional purposes

Forlabels ltd.


PVC 47μm Sf937 G Q57A 500mm

Yonas Design

open mind project
Shrink sleeve

the need
Forlabels, wishing to showcase the potential of applying the shrink sleeve technique to several different types of containers, “embraced” a series of candy jars with sleeve labels, each with different artwork. It did the same with a series of small ouzo bottles, which he wrapped in a sleeve, with different graphics. Thus, the designer, having a larger printing surface available, had the opportunity to “spread” on the container more impressive items that illustrate more effectively the style and the values of the product.

the outcome
Forlabels, bringing these products to its customers as examples of its open mind philosophy, had the opportunity to enhance both its communication with them, and their cooperation. At the same time, it actively demonstrated how much more room the shrink sleeve label leaves to the designer, who can now unleash his creativity on the entire surface of the container free from the restrictions set by limited space.