Promotional ouzo miniatures


Shrink sleeve


Ο/Μ Project

Yonas Design

the need
FORLABELS looking for a way to show its customers how impressive packaging can be made to look through the use of variable data created a series of ouzo miniatures (FORLABELS OUZO).
A different humorous message and a different picture of fish and seafood accompanying ouzo was printed on each package, using the variable data method. The objective was to show how a brand can “expand”, have people talking about it, and achieve greater market penetration.
Packages were distributed as a promotional gift to company customers, but also to peoples who visited to exhibitions where FORLABELS was participating.

the outcome
The possibilities offered by variable data were fully understood: how a package can create a myth and a discussion about the product, and how it can act as a kind of advertising campaign and as a marketing tool.
The friends of FORLABELS, finding the product/ promotional gift very attractive kept it as a collectible item, thus enhancing their relationship with the company.
The series also inspired the creation of new products, such as the successful gogreek collectibles series!