Ionia Olive oil


Self-adhesive label

velmat premium

F/Μ Project

Antonia Skaraki

the need

FORLABELS with a view to promoting the Mosaic printing method, which it proposes to its customers, worked with Antonia Skaraki’s graphic design studio, who designed a pioneering label for the Ionia extra virgin olive oil by NUTRIA S.A. drawing inspiration from this method.
The purpose was to demonstrate how a packaging can become more attractive, unique, and also renew the image of a sector such as the Greek olive oil.

Using the MOSAIC method, we can, while focusing on a specific part of the label’s artwork, create distinctive one-of-a-kind labels for each container, obtaining impressive results, as each piece turns into a new visual composition, which however does resound the original one.

FORLABELS seeking to show to advantage the FacePack philosophy it has developed, and which makes each packaging unique, collectible and a meeting place where product, producer and consumer can communicate, applied the MOSAIC printing method to the wine label.

the outcome

FORLABELS managed to show to both the company that the packaging concerned, and to the olive oil sector in general, how using the MOSAIC method can differentiate a packaging and make it unique and especially attractive to each consumer.

It also demonstrated the possibilities of this method, and the way graphic designers can use it to benefit their clients.
Moreover, the packaging in question received the Silver A΄ Design award in the design category in the 1st International design Award & Competition 2016-2017.