Variable Data Printing

FORLABELS’ capacity to print variable data helps make your packaging a strong marketing tool. Variable data may be images, numbers, or text.

Variable data allow us to create collectible packaging to commemorate an event, personalised packaging for a specific consumer providing even personal bits such as his photo, packaging with an educational purpose that may display recipes, information about the product’s place of origin, etc.

Above all, they are a source of inspiration for designers and for a company’s marketing department, allowing them to make smart promotional moves that boost sales making the product more attractive to the consumer.

A very characteristic example is the largest variable data printing project in the world by HPIndigo, of which FORLABELS had been part, and which involved the packaging of a famous soft drink with the most popular names in Europe having been printed on each container. So, the consumer could find the name of the people he loved and share the soft drink with them.

With variable data the packaging comes to life, helping the product set itself apart from competition, and enter the consumer’s life in many different dimensions.