“V” (vee), extra virgin olive oil

Vasilakis Estate

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

White polypropylene


open mind project
clear on clear

the need
The company specializes in the production and standardization of olive oil from the land of Crete. The open mind culture of the company and of the label designer led to the creation of packaging that would show to advantage the characteristics and values of the product, but would also let the product “speak” for itself through its own attractive image and bright colour, though its own distinct personality. Thus, the designer of the label went for a clear on clear solution, i.e. a transparent label that highlights the product without covering it, and allows for both the artwork on the packaging and the product itself, ‘naked” in its natural form, to coexist in harmony.

the outcome
The product gained a very attractive, quite unique, image, which managed to speak clearly of values such as clarity, purity and naturalness, but also to express a sense of class that makes it stand out among its peers.

It also created loyal consumers, who could pick up these values through the packaging. At the same time, the designer was given the opportunity to expand his creativity and the packaging received a number of important awards.