Training support with Seminars and Presentations

FORLABELS sees the continuous training of its people as essential for its development but also as necessary tools that allow it to better serve its customers. In this context, it organises training days and seminars.

It also believes that informing and educating its customers on the latest developments in sticker labels and packaging is very important.

So, through a series of presentations at the Production and Marketing Departments of its customers, suppliers and producers, it tries to keep their people informed about developments in a changing landscape.


This document outlines the Policy of Educational Visits in the factory unit of FORLABELS SA and concerns the reception of groups of visitors that are organized in consultation with the respective coordinator of the group.

Aims of visits

The purpose of the visits is educational and concerns the guided tour of the visitors in the factory unit of FORLABELS SA and their acquaintance with the practiced activities, labeling, labels and packaging materials, the industry, and the way the company operates.

Target group

The educational visits to the premises of the company are addressed to groups of students of primary and secondary schools and students of higher education and are arranged after consultation with the company.

Time, duration and schedule of the visits

The time, duration and schedule of the visit are determined by the composition and age of the group.

Visits take place from October to April. There are no group visits during the periods when leave is usually taken by the staff (summer season, Easter, Christmas)

Also, there are no visits during the holidays, as well as days when due to other obligations the company deems that it is not able to meet.

Number of visitors

During visits, the number of visitors in factory’s premises must not exceed 24 people per group.

Obligations of accompanying teachers

  1. Each group of students who visit the factory must be accompanied by at least two adults (if they are students) members of the school teaching staff or one (1) accompanying member of the teaching staff of the institution (if they are university students).
  2. The accompanying teachers are responsible for the timely arrival of the team at the factory and the departure within the agreed time frame.
  • Accompanying teachers are responsible for ensuring that students remain quiet and comply with safety rules applicable to all visitors within the factory, as well as for general appropriate student behavior and compliance.
  1. Indicatively, accompanying teachers must inform their students in advance (and ensure) that during their visit and stay at the factory premises:
  • transportation and consumption of food or drink is not allowed,
  • use of mobile phones or other personal electronic devices is not allowed,
  • filming or recording is not allowed,
  • they must not touch any machine or material used in the factory,
  • must comply with the instructions of the factory staff.
  1. In case one or more students have any special needs, the accompanying teachers are obliged to inform the Facility Manager in time, to take the necessary measures, whether it is issues of access to the building and its premises, or general security issues and meeting such needs, etc.
  2. In the event that the factory deems that the visit of the student group causes any safety/security issue for the staff, the products manufactured or even the visitors themselves or in any way interferes with its smooth operation, it may interrupt the visit and request by the accompanying teachers the immediate departure of the group.

Arranging an educational visit

Interested teachers may send a request for expressions of interest to the company’s e-mail address. The Company communicates with the interested party within three (3) working days for all relevant arrangements.

Submitting an application does not imply confirmation of the visit. This is done after consultation and final confirmation of the Company.

The Company ensures that the right support staff is at guests’ disposal to provide the right kind of guidance during the site visit.

The Company takes care to inform visitors about the safety rules they must follow.