Wine bottle for promotional purposes


Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Wfasson Centaure Ivoire 52047

Yonas Design

open mind project
Variable data

the need
Forlabels wishing to show winemakers – bottlers how they can link their products to special values by adding attributes that make a wine distinct, “personal” or collectible, printed a set of variable data labels that are different for each bottle. Thus, while all bottles have the same visual identity, no one is the same as another.

the outcome
The products acquire a new relationship with the consumer, who in turn has more reasons to choose the product as a collector’s item, and also buy larger quantities. Thus, Forlabels can illustrate to its customers and associates the new capabilities the company has at its disposal when it comes to creating labels that couple as a communication tool, make their product unique, and help it built a new type of relationship with the consumer.