Bottles of beer, gift to showcase the corporate philosophy


Self-adhesive labels on a roll

silver metallized PP laminated with transparent polypropylene

Yonas Design

open mind project
Metallic colour effect and variable data

the need
Forlabels seeking to communicate in a more dynamic way the main message of its “Your packaging is our business” campaign, needed a way to bring the people working for it closer to its customers. It wanted to give the people who make serving Forlabels customers their personal business a face. Thus, using variable data, it printed a series of beer labels that would demonstrate what it stood for, that would make its identity clear to its customers. Each label was dedicated to one of the company’s employees, and it included his/her photo and information about their position and job in the company. The use of metallic colour effect made them even more impressive, imparting to them a feel of metal print.

the outcome
Forlabels brought its people and its customers closer together in an original promotional activity. The product was offered to customers as a gift/ souvenir, which was literally personal thus creating a more “personal” relationship between the company and its customers. On the other hand, it made evident to open minded customers what can be achieved when colour metallic effect and variable data come together to show to advantage both the values of the product or of the company, and the creativity of the designer of the label/ project.