Eirini Plomariou

Nikolaos Kalambokas

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Fasson / MP silver

Yonas Design

open mind project
Metallic colour effect

the need
The Kalambokas family in Plomari, on the island of Lesvos, produces the “Eirini Plomariou” extra virgin, unfiltered, organic olive oil, using special cultivation methods that make it absolutely unique. Accordingly, the packaging of the product had to also be unique. This is what Nikos and Eirini Kalamboka asked the designer they are working with, and he suggested the metallic colour effect by Forlabels option. Printed using this method, the metallic sculpted motif that acts as the visual identity of the product has acquired a stronger and more attractive image and produces a more impressive effect.

the outcome
The quality of the label managed to reflect the values and the quality of the product. The product has gained a much more appealing image, has strengthened its position among consumers in the countries where it is exported, and above all, in addition to the quality prizes it is awarded each year, it also receives prizes for packaging and overall product image.