“Gaea”, authentic Greek cooking sauce from Crete

Gaia S.A.

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Fass / MC Plus S2000N BG 40 brown paper

Gaia S.A.

open mind project
Formore label

the need
Gaia S.A. supplies the Greek and international market with a range of products that express the values of the Mediterranean diet.

In an effort to expand and further strengthen its sales in the sauce category in various countries, it decided to add Greek recipes to the label together with a photo of the finished dish. The people of the company certainly had an open mind idea, which however created the need for more space on the label. Forlabels had the solution with the formore label, which can provide the space needed for information, even when the container is small.

the outcome
Consumers were given the opportunity to find out what choices in cooking and especially in Greek cooking Gaia sauces offer, and so they had more reasons to buy the specific product, but also the whole range, as this would allow them to get more and different recipes which were to be found on each item. The company strengthened its relationship with consumers and with its associates in the countries where it exports its products.