“Tsentos”, mastiha liqueur

Charalambidis distillery

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Gombao Silver Cells GB83 foil API 2308 turquoise 305

Aspasia Chronaiou

open mind project
Hot stamping with embossing on porous paper

the need
The company wanted to promote the value of mastic and establish a new brand name, “Tsentos”, from tsentiri, the tool used to make incisions in the mastic trees’ trunks to release their precious tear, the mastic resin. The customer’s open mind approach meant that the label of such a unique product should also be unique, lucid, to indicate clarity and purity, and to convey a sense of how precious this rare and unique product of the Greek land is. Forlabels contributed to the endeavour by producing an impeccably printed label on porous paper, which is not an easily manageable material, and which matched the aesthetics the designer had aimed for, and also the product’s values to perfection. Forlabels’s ability to ensure excellent quality printing even on the trickiest of surfaces allows designers and customers countless options among a large number of special papers.

the outcome
The product set itself apart from the very first moment; it connected to a very demanding market segment and managed to convey the vision of both the producer and of the designer, and above all to meet the high demands a unique branded product is expected to meet in both the Greek and the international market.