We welcome you all to the forlabels experience in flexible packaging.

For us, it is of vital importance to be flexible and innovative, flexible packaging being included.

We have been shaping a new flexi-size world of flexible packaging printing, filled with flexibility & adaptability.

The forflex experience, means:

  • We print on-demand flexible packaging products, in average, small or minimum quantities.
  • Perfect printing quality, in much earlier delivery times.
  • More economical prepress costs.
  • We devise and carry out real flexible printed products (samples) or real flexible short-runs.
  • We meet the needs of shooting new products, promotions, exhibition placements, collectible series creation.
  • The incorporation of innovative Marketing ideas in Flexible Packaging printing (variables visual printing, the mosaic technique, the addition of foliation…)
  • We may diversify, depending on our target group, the period, the country, the language, the certain age-groups, etc.

Discover your forflex realistic needs in Flexible packaging in order to boost your sales both in Greece and abroad, and get your marketing and intercommunication taken off.

Enjoy Flexibility!