Metallic Color Effects

Give a coloured metallic sheen to your packaging.
Let Forlabels make your product shine.

With MetallicColorEffects by Forlabels you can give a coloured metallic sheen to the labels on your packaging, and make them stand out from the crowd at just a glance.

The MetallicColorEffects application is different from classic gold and silver screen printing in that it imparts to the label a metallic feel in all possible hues.

Using the appropriate artwork you can bring the main theme to the fore giving an impression of depth to the background.

Moreover, an appropriate selection of MetallicColorEffect can highlight distinctive parts of the label, as details that will set it apart.

And further, the option to laminate using a matte or glossy film can accomplish an excellent look, which is sure to grasp the attention of consumers, bringing to the fore the values of your product and of your company.

At Forlabels, we keep developing new applications that make both us and you stand out.