what they are

RTP files (ready to print files) are the final artworks that we receive either from clients or graphic designers that meet all the necessary specifications for automatic label printing, requiring no additional modification or intervention on our part.

what they are about

RTP files are meant exclusively for digital printing

  • with CMYK
  • with CMYK + White

Not suitable for applications with special styles (e.g. hot foil stamping, embossing, etc.).

the process

We receive the final file according to the specifications provided by us (see red form); you forward the file directly to the press for printing, without any of the intermediate stages such as file checking, text or artwork checking, pre-press, artwork editing or sending proof (e-proof or digital) for approval.

what the benefits are

We go through all the pre-printing stages (checking, pre-press, artwork editing, electronic or digital proof). No pre-press set up costs.
Whatever file we receive, we will print it:
Zero time before printing = fast delivery time.

how it is done

All instructions and specifications for the construction of RTP (ready to print) files are included in a special electronic form of forlabels.

Also, one of our partners is near you, to show you step by step the introduction of your artwork in the digital world or to help your designer with everything he needs, so that you send and we safely receive the correct final files, without any delay.