Extended Content Label – Peel off label

Sunscreen Products

When the label space is not enough even if you double the label surface, we provide the solution.

Expanded Content Label that flip s page by page is ideal for providing:

  • operating instructions or product use information
  • product ingredients
  • recommendations & tips
  • Hidden promotional contest codes
  • suitable for a wider content and large amounts of information

Be different, Be Unique.
Each of your packaging, Becomes Unique.

At forlabels we have the way to make each one of your products so unique that it becomes collectible!

It looks as unique as its content.

  • Unique as a work of art.
  • Different in expressions of its character, like a wonderful mosaic.
  • Unexpected because it tells a story that evolves, from container to container.
  • Special like its origin, which embraces it by declaring your own identity.
  • The innovative techniques we have developed at forlabels, variable data, mosaic, metallic effects & shrink sleeve, are combined to express your uniqueness.
  • They serve the Face Pack philosophy that we have developed and requires each packaging to be unique and become the meeting point and communication, among the product , the producer & consumer.
  • At forlabels for ‘out of the box’ packaging applications, the limit is your imagination.

We stand by your side with our know-how, experience, and reliability.

are you ``openmind``?
turn your packaging into marketing tool