Summertime is here, so please plan ahead!

It’s a call for action… before you break free, so that nothing will get in your way during your summer holidays! Do schedule your orders by June the 30th 2022.

forlabels has been open uninterruptedly every single summer for 36 consecutive years. Our people arrange their holiday leave in turn, thus ensuring that we will definitely meet your needs during the summer months.

This current year is one more year packed with challenges, the supply of raw materials is in flux and we are facing constant adjustments regarding costs, delivery times and conditions in general. Therefore, we all have to be more consistent and responsible, planning our needs in a timely manner.

Think ahead and schedule your orders in good time this year, no later than June the 30th 2022. Estimate your forthcoming needs on a quarterly basis. Plan and place all your orders, ideally September being included, in collaboration with the forlabels sales and customers service team.

We ought to protect ourselves and our partners and to ensure carefree and relaxing holidays for all and, needless to say, a smoother return.

Have a great Summer!