forlabels has been awarded with a silver EcoVadis rating

Our constant effort to act with respect and responsibility towards both the environment and society, to consistently pursue a totally sound corporate policy based on the principles of sustainable development and sustainability in general, is being rewarded.

EcoVadis has been a leading environmental corporate governance (ESG) rating agency since 2007, covering more than 200 company categories in 160 countries, bringing the total to more than 85.000 companies.

Its methodology is based on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reference Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and the international standard ISO 26000. The EcoVadis rating system (CSR Rating) involves the evaluation of the quality of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility management system, by means of its policies, the practices it implements and the relevant results.

According to the evaluation results, which includes 21 criteria-indicators including Environmental Responsibility, Good Work Practices, human and labor rights, Business Ethics and Sustainable Procurement, forlabels has been ranked in the top 25% of all the companies that are evaluated and is awarded the silver medal.

Through this particular evaluation, we have gained useful information on how we can improve our practices regarding both the environment and society in an ongoing effort to consistently create a better world.