Forlabels και Περιβάλλον

At Forlabels it is of primary importance that all raw materials we use are environmentally friendly, in accordance with EU guidelines.

After processing, any recyclable leftovers, such us scraps of paper or synthetic materials, are collected and delivered to contractors who specialise in reuse/ recycling.

Waste is collected by a contractor who sees to their controlled disposal.

An associate of the company is responsible for the observance of all rules.

Environmental Policy

FORLABELS is active in the design, production and sales of labels and flexible packaging materials.

FORLABELS recognizes the importance of environmental protection as an integral part of the good and socially responsible behavior of a company and is committed to the implementation of Environmental Management System, as part of the Integrated Management System and in accordance with the principles of ISO 14001: 2015 throughout its operation, aiming to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment.

Top Management of the company has identified the threats and opportunities related to its proper, efficient and environmentally friendly operation and is committed to:

  • protecting the environment and preventing pollution
  • producing and marketing of environmentally friendly products which have been manufactured and operated in accordance with the principles of ecological design
  • full compliance with the provisions of the current Greek and European legislation
  • being continuously informed on developments and amendments to environmental legislation
  • recognize the environmental aspects resulting from the exercise of its activities, identifying those that may have significant environmental impacts and taking all necessary measures to prevent and deter the environmental impacts that may be caused by its environmental aspects
  • implementing of a management system for the waste generated from its operation in cooperation with licensed bodies.
  • setting environmental targets and implementing programs to achieve them.
  • implementing an effective Environmental Management System
  • the rational use of natural and energy resources and the use of equipment and means of new, environmentally friendly technology where possible.
  • monitoring of the parameters of its operation that may affect the environment, in order to ensure the observance of the permissible emission limits of the current legislation.
  • supporting of the participation and the continuous environmental education of all employees, who apply the environmental management system in their daily work

Our goal is to continuously improve the environmental performance and reduce the environmental footprint of our activity.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Management provides the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the company and the Management System.

The Environmental Management System, as part of the Integrated Management System, is reviewed at regular intervals for its completeness and effectiveness, it is modified whenever necessary and at the same time it is notified to the staff.