Mosaic technique from Forlabels. A printing method that makes packaging unique and collectible.

Products on the shelf keep increasing as new ones keep coming out, and in turn the need for them to stand out right away as they vie for the attention of the consumer gets greater. And here enters the role of packaging. But, how easy is it for packaging to appear exceptionally attractive and unique when among hundreds of others on the shelf?

FORLABELS seeing packaging as a sophisticated marketing tool has developed the facepack philosophy, which indicates that each packaging can and should be unique and collectible, a meeting place where product, producer and consumer can communicate.


In the context of this philosophy, we implement among others, and propose to graphic designers and to the people we work with the MOSAIC printing method.

Using the MOSAIC method, we can, while focusing on a specific part of the label’s artwork per container, create distinctive one-of-a-kind labels for each container, obtaining impressive results, as each piece turns into a new visual composition, which however does resound the original one.

The aim is to entice the consumer into expressing his own personal choice on packaging and, into buying the product, but also into keeping the packaging after the product has been consumed, while waiting for the next and the next different packaging that will gradually add up to a “personal” collection. Of course, this promotes a stable relation with the product and leads to customer loyalty.

In fact, in order to demonstrate the results of this method, we have created, in cooperation with recognised graphic designers, a series of wine labels with different initial artwork.
Specifically, Antonia Skarakis’s AS firm worked with a renaissance painting, YonasDesign with one of the best known of Magritte’s paintings, and Michael Karampatsos’sYellowBean with Byzantine mosaics, ceramics, and flower compositions.

The results create a strong impression and have also demonstrated the possibilities of this method, and the way graphic designers can use it to benefit their clients.